Since quite a while I experiment with the editing-workplace, for reasons of ergonomy and creativity. My current realisations: you don’t need a desk! and: the flexible the better.
Most editing rooms differ hardly from a normal office: a big desk close to a wall, some displays on that desk, and above, on the wall, a big TV-Set, which only can be watched at well from the couch on the opposite wall. Though, our work is not on the wall or on the desk. It’s inbetween: between the pictures, between the computer and us, and, first of all, it’s in the discussions between me an the director/writer/producer.
So, I got rid of the desk. All the displays are on stands and there’s only a small table for keyboard and mouse. In fact, everything is now so flexible, that I can change the setup in an instant from sitting to standing, or, let’s say, to a screening situation for up to 8 people.